Better Mathematics

Better Mathematics

Better Mathematics is a collaborative platform where staff and students of all years can share academic resources(how?) for courses offered by the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.

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This year, the university experience is likely to be different to previous years. The Virtual Social Handbook will provide you with some useful information from students regarding this change. There’s also some guidance from the University.

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\(\LaTeX\) is a mathematical typesetting language that is commonly used for producing documents containing mathematical elements (formulae, diagrams, matrices etc.). It will be an invaluable tool, especially later on in your degree when you write things like dissertations or reports, so it’s best if you start learning it early!


R is a perhaps the most well-known statistical programming language. It offers many features and packages that allow you to carry out detailed statistical analyses and produce high-quality reports and visualizations. It is used in most of the practical statistics courses offered by the school.

To get started with R, you will need to download two things:

Make sure that the versions of R and RStudio that you install are compatible with each other!

Git / GitHub

Git is a system that allows you to keep better track of different versions of your code. It is not necessary for most mathematics courses, but is a useful way of backing up your code. Through GitHub, you can also showcase any interesting projects to potential employers!

Git and GitHub are extra useful when you are working on large group projects with people collaborating on different parts of code.

To get started, read this introduction blog post by HubSpot.

Also, Better Mathematics runs on a service offered by GitHub, called GitHub Pages. While you don’t need to know much about Git and GitHub to contribute to the website, knowledge of these tools will help if you want to add any cool features.

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